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Walsoken Church

Walsoken is a small parish to the north and east of the adjoining town of Wisbech.

The rural parish of Walsoken lies in the county of Norfolk, but the village centre is in the bordering county of Cambridgeshire.

Walsoken parish comprises an area of approximately 4.85 square miles (12.57 square kilometres) and is made up with 700 households plus a variety of local and national industries including farming, fruit growing, garages, transport depot, a retail park and Wisbech Town Football ground.

The Parish Council is made up of 10 councillors (details are on the “Contact” page) who meet 8 times a year in Walsoken Village Hall on a Tuesday at 7pm (please see “Dates of Meetings” page for more information) to discuss village matters. The standing items discussed include payments, planning, street lighting and Highways plus various additional relevant topics. Agendas are available on the “Agendas for Meetings” page and the Parish Council notice board in All Saints church grounds, approximately one week prior to meetings

Elections for Parish councillors are held every 4 years, with the next election being due in 2019.

The Local Authorities are the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk and Norfolk County Council.