Projects in Walsoken

Invariably, Parish Councils are primarily funded by the precept, a council tax that is collected on their behalf by the billing authority (in this case, the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk). No direct funding for Parish Councils is provided by central government, although in some cases additional revenue is generated – for example, by rental income or donations. The precept is calculated as part of the parish council’s annual budget, set against planned spending and estimated income for the period. Which means the precept is core to all our plans and day-to-day activity and all expenditure must be appropriate and approved, to ensure that the benefit to residents is considered before spending what is effectively their money.

The Parish Council regularly funds and manages projects that are in the health and safety or general welfare interests of its residents. Wherever possible, part- or match-funding arrangements with other agencies and authorities are explored, to ensure cost-effective and socially-aware precept expenditure. For instance, the installation of LED lighting will realise significant cost savings, for energy and maintenance, over an extended period but has considerably reduced local light pollution with immediate effect.

Regular activities and projects to date include:

  • Extensive ‘trod’ pathways throughout the parish
  • Purchase and maintenance of LED street lighting
  • A defibrillator outside VIP Hair Salon, in Kirkgate Street
  • Supply, installation and contracted emptying dog waste bins
  • Specialist restoration of the War Memorial in the churchyard
  • A WW1 memorial plaque and dedicated tree planting
  • Grounds maintenance of the closed churchyard
  • Annual procurement and laying of Remembrance Day wreaths
  • Installation of a basketball post in Sleights Drive, in collaboration with young parishioners
  • Pedestrian gates in Green Lane
  • Local litter picking co-ordination
  • A replacement bus shelter in Chapnall Road
  • Passing places along Sparrowgate Road